Navigate the gutters!

Gutterpilot is the meeting place for comic creators and comic lovers. We focus as much on the interaction as the reading experience. This is a place where you can navigate the gutters and find the next great read.

Why we do this

We love the feeling when a story grab hold of us. When it seems to flow right into us and through us. It’s almost electric. The energy we feel when we talk about it is sometimes as tense as when we first experienced it. Sometimes even stronger. Because we relive as we retell the story over and over again. It is belief distilled. It’s by talking to others we find the new stories. By sharing our experiences we get new ones. It’s like karma. If you give then you get. Gutterpilot want to make it easier to find and share good reads. We put focus on the meeting and sharing as much as the reading experiences.

Want to be a pilot?

There is an idea, a vision, a concept of Gutterpilot. We have started the journey but our fellowship needs more adventurers! So much can go wrong on the road and we cant travel it alone. We are looking for the first pilots to join our beta team. If you want to test and experience what we build. To help us evaluate the experience, our design and features. Then drop us a line and tell us why you should be a pilot.

Join us!

If you are just dying to help build your next favouirit place we are looking for you to. For the right person we will make room. If you are a developer of backend, front end, android, IOS or if you have some other skill you just know we cant be without. Then drop us a line and tell us about yourself.